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CURSER are a 3-piece alternative rock ensemble from South-East London.

Formed in late 2018 by Herbie Jones, later augmented by Alex Lambert on bass and Bleu Wright on drums, CURSER spent the better part of a year writing and rehearsing tirelessly before making their critically-acclaimed live debut in October 2019.
Steadily on the rise and building an enthusiastic following with several A&R scouts in the wings, COVID-19 then took the world by surprise and sent the entire music industry temporarily back to the Dark Ages.

During this time however, CURSER remotely recorded a home-made demo ( https://curseruk.bandcamp.com/releases ) and lay in wait, honing their skills before eventually bursting back onto the scene with a new and improved sound.
CURSER owes it’s sound to each member of the band bringing something special to the table from a wide array of musical and cultural influence. 

From Steely Dan to Queens Of The Stone Age, or Ian Dury & The Blockheads to Jeff Buckley and Nirvana, each inspiration - no matter how small - enables CURSER to create a visceral listening experience identifiably separate from their peers but still indebted to the South London scene.